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Sunday, September 24, 2017

Home Again

We're home from Camp and had an amazing time. Our instructors, Fiona Ellis and Beth Casey did a great job with their classes. It's such a joy to have instructors that are prepared for class and who will do anything to help their students. We ask our instructors to mingle during meals and at the evening events. Fiona and Beth go above and beyond which helps me when I'm running around making sure that things are going smoothly. The Campers are great. Beth kept commenting on the fact that they pay to come to Camp and will jump in to help whenever I asked them to. They always help with clean up after classes (and dying class can take a while to clean up), move tables after class to set up the room for an evening event, get Fiona's suitcase to class (she takes a lot of samples and the suitcase is really heavy) and whatever else needs to be done like running to the front desk to get coffee cups for the class room.

Normally my sister Beth is at Camp for the weekend to help me but she had to come home on Friday afternoon for a family wedding. She was the MC. This morning she drove back up to Camp with my dad to help pack up. It was the first time my dad had been to Bayview-Wildwood. He loved it up there. Beth Casey (the Beth thing can get confusing) showed him how to dye yarn. He met the Campers that we have been talking about for years. There were men fishing on the lake which made him very jealous. I have a feeling he's going to want to come to Camp next year.

It was very hard being home tonight and trying to come up with what to eat for dinner. We were spoiled at Camp. Three meals a day plus lots of snacks. This was our mid morning snack yesterday.

Now it's time to put my feet up and knit. I think I did one and a half rows while I was away.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Last Night

Beth taught Splattershot yarn dying today. The skeins the students dyed are amazing.
We had fun in my Find Your Fade class.
During the weekend, the ladies had challenges to perform. If their challenge was completed, they earned extra ballots for door prizes. Sarah looks very cute in her bunny ears. She had to wear them during dinner.
Elizabeth Ann and Connie's task was to have their hair tied in 10 different places and come to breakfast.

Other tasks included
-wear your pyjamas to breakfast
-wear your clothes inside out to breakfast
-dance your way to lunch and through the buffet line
-have a meal with Fiona and casually eat some of her dinner and desert
-get the signature of 10 Bayview Wildwood employees
-go for a hike and bring back 5 different leaves
Tonight was our Student Fashion Show. Val, Kathryn and Elaine wore their Memories Sweater. It is a pattern that Sally Melville showed at Camp last year. The pattern can be purchased on Ravelry and is knit in fingering weight yarn. From Sally
When leaving for a trip, I needed something to knit that would take a longtime but not a lot of space. So I made a swatch, gathered leftover sock yarns, made a pile of 8yd butterflies, and proceeded. It did take a long time, but since every square was different, it was constantly and totally engaging. And little did I know it would become my favourite sweater--so much so that I immediately started another! 
I call it my Memories Sweater, because I can recall where I purchased each of the sock yarns used. So, besides being fashionable and comfortable and oft-admired (by knitters from three continents!), this garment has the preciousness of a quilt. It is truly irreplaceable and much treasured. I expect yours will be too! 
PS All of these squares are joined as you work, plus I tell you when to work in tails. There is very little sewing (or tails) in this garment. I also offer lots of photos to help you through this. It is not difficult, and it is great fun!
It's off to bed. Tomorrow morning I'm teaching Tips and Tricks.

Friday, September 22, 2017

Colour Duet

The Colour Duet class today was great. Beth and Fiona talked to the whole class this morning and then they divided into two groups.
The first group dyed with Beth while the others worked with Fiona.
Then this afternoon the groups changed instructors.

Our Fashion Show this evening went well. I don't have any pictures but Peggy took some and she will be sending to me after Camp.

Now it's bed time. I'm teaching Find Your Fade twice tomorrow so I need some sleep.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Camp Day One

The weather was amazing!

We had many laughs at 'Game Night'. Price is Right. Knitting Beat the Clock. Knitting Bingo. Pictionary.

Fiona's team lost again. And we didn't even fix it this year.
The yarn shop is set up.

Some of the amazing door prizes from our suppliers.

Now it's time for sleep. Breakfast is at 8am and then our Colour Duet class.
Camp is all about yarn and having fun! So this year we’ve worked with our instructors to come up with something extra special.  
What’s better than learning from one instructor? about learning from TWO?  
Beginning on Friday morning after breakfast and continuing after lunch, this amazing class will harmonize instruction from both Fiona and Beth.  
It will open with Fiona & Beth talking about choosing your colours, then you will go on to dye 5 mini skeins of Shepherd Sock from Lorna’s Laces. 
While one group is laying it down with Beth, Fiona will lead a jamming session looking at working with your mini skeins to use in a small project such as mittens, hat, socks or a cowl; maybe some Fair Isle? some embellishments? some cables? and of course transitions. 
In the dying session, maestro Beth will be guiding you to dye your mini skeins into colours that will work for your project.  
The finale of the class will be a review of what has been learned with an encore from both instructors. 

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Holes on purpose

Look what Cathy just finished.
Pattern: Esjan (purchased on Ravelry)
Yarn: Woolstok - 3 colours, 2 skeins each
This top down shawl starts with easy garter stitch. Two contrasting colors are added with a giant holey lace pattern. The holes increase in size while also adding stitches to the overall semi-circular shape. The fabric is knit loosely with a worsted weight yarn resulting in a deceivingly fast large shawl.
The shawl was a quick knit. Cathy took the yarn last week and viola. It's finished and blocked. She said that we can hang it in the store for a while. Does a while mean all winter so that I can wear it??
I carried my friend to the back of the parking lot for more pictures. The shawl fell of her shoulder which worked out well - you can see how big it is.

The yarn for Melanie Berg's True Colors arrived this afternoon. The colours scream fall.

We've been asked about the price of the yarn - $130. This does not include the pattern - you can purchase it on Ravelry. I already have my copy.

Everything for Camp is ready. Now it's time for an hour of relaxing and knitting.

Monday, September 18, 2017


Fletchling is a new pattern from Freia Fibers.
Mirrored and Offset Purl Ridges on a Knit Background, Sporadically Broken by a Fletch Patterning for a Stylish Asymmetrical Shawl
The pattern is purchased on Ravelry and is knit in Freia Shawl Ball.

The shawl takes two balls and you are choosing two different colours.
From the designer: 
This pattern is part of a series of ridged pattern shawls. The word Fletchling is a play on words – a combination of fledgling (baby bird) and fletching (to add feathers to an arrow). Since the “Fletchling” stripes are small on this design – as compared to the patterning on “Vane” another design in this series – I decided that the diminutive invented word was a good fit.
Jean sent an email today with a picture of her finished Find Your Fade. It's beautiful. She loved the colours when we picked them but wasn't as happy when it was finished.
I just wanted to share that I borrowed back the shawl from my daughter and wore it this past week.....and I loved it! 
I feel so much better about it than I did. Yesterday my neighbour came over and I got her to model so I had a picture with better colour....outside is so much better. 
I'm packed and ready for Camp. There are a few things left to print tomorrow including the Fashion Show brochure. There is a parcel on the way from Prism Yarns and I think it might be garments. It was shipped from Ft. Lauderdale the day before Irma. I'm surprised that it is already in Toronto. The bad thing about being ready is I walk through the store and keep adding things for our mini yarn shop. I must stop.

Tonight I need to start thinking about the clothes that I am going to take. The weather forecast for the weekend is amazing.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Not Fast Enough

I planned on writing last night but time got away from me. I was knitting, trying to get a project finished for Camp, but it isn't going to happen.
I'm almost finished the first ball of Brushed Fleece for the Half & Half Cowl. There are 4 balls in the cowl. I knit fast but not that fast.
Most of today was spent working on Camp. We're just about ready. I'm teaching a class about Find Your Fade. I've gone over my notes many times to make sure that I have everything. To be even more sure, I knit a few rows on my new Find Your Fade.
Mr. Melo was very proud of himself for finding a toy outside. He is the happiest when he has something in his mouth. A sock (he never chews on them) or a toy and he's good to go.