Ancaster Community Food Drive

Thursday, May 25, 2017


Lynda has finished her latest project for the store and needs something new. Mr. Canada Post just picked up a box and she should have it tomorrow. She's going to make So Faded (pattern purchased on Ravelry) with a kit from Prism Yarns. The kit is for a shawl but I think that the shading will work perfectly for the sweater. Hopefully Lynda will email me pictures as she progresses though the colours so that I can share them. This is my last kit of this colourway - an email has been sent to Prism to get more.

Mr. Canada Post brought a large brown envelope before I went to Myrtle Beach. I threw it in my car and didn't open it. I opened the envelope tonight - surprise. The latest Interweave Knits. Copies will be in the store tomorrow.
Knit amazing and irresistible summer products in Interweave Knits, Summer 2017! From shawls and cover ups, to vests and cowls, you’ll find something memorizing to fall in love with.
Our shipment of Rockshelter Sock and Find Your Fade kits should be arriving late tomorrow afternoon. I can't wait to see the new colours.

Joji's latest clue just came out. I have clue 2 finished on one piece. For the second piece I'm still working on clue 1. Now the decision - which piece to work on tonight? Hockey - game 7. Master Chef Canada and The Amazing Race. I'll be up for a few hours yet.

Heritage Days is being celebrated in Ancaster from June 6-11. On Saturday June 10 we have a parade on Wilson Street.
On Saturday June 10, Wilson Street will be closed from Orchard St to Rousseaux St from 9:30am – 11:30am.  It will remain closed from Halson St to Rousseaux St until 3pm. 
If you come off Rousseaux Street we are before the festivities. I emailed the Heritage Days Committee and received this response.
We have asked the City to allow us to open Wilson from Rousseaux to Academy, but unfortunately we are not allowed.  We have to have it closed at a major intersection.  This hurts businesses like you and we recognize and feel badly about that.  Our goal is to eventually have the street festival full all the way past your business.  We'd like to see the street filled with people from Halson to Mount Mary.  We are making strides towards that each year.  This, we hope, would enable businesses to better participate with street sales, promotions, etc. 
We do tell the police officer at Rousseaux and Wilson to allow local traffic through on Wilson to get to businesses at that end of the street.  That would include your business.  If your clients come and ask the police officer to get through, they should be allowed.
Sorry to everyone for the inconvenience. Thankfully it only happens one day a year.

I know it's a long way away but I want to get the word out to everyone as soon as possible.

The store will be closed Wednesday July 5 - Monday July 10. We'll be open again on Tuesday July 11.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

A Surprise is Fun

A shipment is on the way from Meadowcroft Dyeworks. We will have more colours of Rockshelter Sock (the yarn I used for my Find Your Fade). I've added the new colours to the website so you can see what we'll have early next week. There are a few colours that I don't have colour samples of. I ordered these sight unseen - sometimes a surprise is fun.

There will be new colours including
188 Stage Whisper

182 Feathered Juju

125 Boiled Lobster

121 Rubbing Elbows

84 Inquisitive Cornflower

76 Wilderness

5 Decadence

180 Paint Peeling

The shipment is going to include 4 Find Your Fade kits. Dave puts together some interesting colour combinations. This kit is in Rockshelter Sock (like my sample). It will retail for $280.

We have 3 kits coming in a new yarn called Moon Lorn.
This Meadowcroft Dyeworks fingering weight yarn is spun as well as dyed in the United States from wool produced on US soil. A rustic single-ply yarn, it runs thick-n-thin for a gorgeous homespun-like texture with the squooshy softness you expect from 100% Merino. This yarn base is available in its own unique palette of colorways distinct from our other bases.  We recommend washing this yarn by hand, though machine washing in the delicates cycle also works.  We don’t recommend tumble drying for any natural fiber.  This yarn is ideally suited for shawls, wraps, scarves, sweaters & vests, but may not be the best choice for objects that will receive heavier wear, like socks.
100% superwash merino from the US
384m (420 yards) in a skein
The Moon Lorn kits will retail for $260.
Moon Lorn takes the dye differently than sock. I can't wait to see how it looks.

My planters at the store are very bright. I tried to talk Beth into going to Terra tonight for more planters but it is the season finale of Survivor. Maybe tomorrow night.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Knitters' Fair

I brought Starting Point to work today so that I could get some outside pictures. I didn't want to go back inside - it's beautiful out.

The Invisible Project Bag from Hedgehog Fibres is perfect for carrying your knitting.
The perfect project bag to show off your colourful skeins! Lightweight yet sturdy. Roomy enough for a larger project, it'll hold multiple balls of yarn easily. We think this is the best, most versatile project bag. 
This bag is designed to stand up on it's own. 
Material: Transparent PVC. Easily cleaned with mild detergent. Not machine washable.  
Height: 37cm, Width: 28cm, Gusset: 10cm. Pointed gold coloured studs.
Mark your calendar - Saturday September 9 - The Knitters' Fair in Kitchener. I've been talking with the coordinator for the Fair and she told me some very exciting news. Lily Chin will be at the Knitters' Fair - doing a workshop and a talk. Lily has taught at our knitting retreat and you won't be disappointed.
Lily Chin, named a “Master Knitter” by Vogue Knitting International, has designed knitwear for magazines and yarn companies for nearly 25 years, and she has worked with designers Ralph Lauren, Vera Wang, Diane von Furstenberg, and Isaac Mizrahi. Her work has been on the backs of celebrities and super models, from Racquel Welch and Vanna White to Cindy Crawford and Naomi Campbell. She is the author of Knit and Crochet with Beads, The Urban Knitter, and Mosaic Magic, and she has written the “On Designing” column for Knitter’s Magazine and the annual “Focus on Fibers” report for Knit ‘n Style. Lily also is the reigning champion fastest crocheter in the world, a title she defended in October 2004 at the world championships in London. Lily Chin regularly appears as a spokesperson for the yarn industry in media across the U.S., including Time, the New York Times, USA Today, the David Letterman Show, the CBS Early Show, DIY’s Knitty Gritty, E! Style Network’s Craft Corner Death Match, Lifetime’s Handmade by Design, HGTV’s Sew Much More, and CNN. Lily Chin has lived in New York City nearly all her life and has been involved in some aspect of the fashion industry since age 13. She attended the Fashion Institute of Technology, and was educated at Queens College, City University of New York.
Read more about the Knitters' Fair... 

My garden is growing. Now we need the plants to start flowering.

The shed is scheduled to be painted on Monday. I'm so excited.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Happy Victoria Day

Dad and Lucy came by for a visit today. Lucy loves driving around in the truck. So much that some days it's a fight to get her out.

Beth is golfing and I'm working on Starting Point.
The first triangle if finished and I'm onto the second one. More progress was made this afternoon after I took this picture. I think I should be caught up when the next clue comes out on Thursday.

I wasn't sure about the colours in the beginning but I'm liking them now. Most of my shawls are the same colour so it was time to branch out. Every shawl hanging in the store can't be purple :)

I'm very excited - Netflix sent an email this afternoon. One more week until the next season starts.

Sunday, May 21, 2017


There is a new So Fond of Rainbows pack coming from Frabjous Fibers. I saw the picture on Facebook late Friday afternoon and did an order. I will find out on Tuesday when they will be shipping the new packs.
We've added a third color collection to our So Fond of Rainbows series of 20-Skein packs! Introducing: Spectrum of Moonlight. For your rich, dark, moody striping and colorwork knitting.
There are 20 mini skeins of fingering weight yarn. Each skein is 117m (128 yards) for a total of 2340m (2560 yards).
Lynn is wearing Rainbows in the Gorge (pattern purchased on Ravelry) in the Enchanted Woodland Collection. It will look amazing in Spectrum of Moonlight.
This flattering open cardigan is a fun romp through 20 colors of the rainbow. It’s an engaging knit, worked from side-to-side, from cuff-to-cuff, and the color changes keep it fresh from the beginning to the finish line. The cable detail at the waist and shawl collar give this design a fit that looks great on everyone.

Another cardigan suggestion is the 1 or 3 Cardigan (pattern purchased on Ravelry)

Ambah O'Brien's Lamina Wrap (pattern purchased on Ravelry) is a great shawl for mini skeins.

Melo and Roko had a hard day :)

Saturday, May 20, 2017


We have new colours in Manos Alegria.

2149 Petal
Sock yarn from Manos! Alegria is an easy-care blend of ultra-soft superwash merino with durable polyamide.  Its “hand” is remarkably soft and resilient, making for lovely baby projects as well as socks
 9012 Caracas
9013 Happy

Another shipment of Alegria will be arriving in the next two weeks with more new colours including...
2349 Oxygen
9016 Ghostbusters

Download the free pattern for the Sage Smudging Scarf.

The Esquina pattern is free...
This cowl is a playful exercise in mitering to make the most of a space-dyed yarn: the increasing number of stitches keeps the colors in the yarn moving along the row to avoid any striping or “stacking”. A simple eyelet texture stitch draws attention to the change in knitting direction.
Download the Alegria Shadow Shawl...

Any of these patterns can be knit with just one skein of Alegria.

Lucy and dad brought me tea this morning. She wasn't the best behaved today - she knew they were going to the dog park. She wanted to get things moving. Let's go dad!!

Friday, May 19, 2017


Grab some yarns that light your imagination on fire and play with colour in Kimba Shawl, named for the Australian Aboriginal word for bush fire. Anything goes in this fun project – speckles or semi-solids, a gradient or a fade, wild contrasts or classic neutrals. The shawl starts with a garter body shaped with short rows to form a crescent shape. The dramatic flames of lace that form the border are worked in four colours, making for engrossing knitting as you race to the next stripe. Choose from the small, still generous, size or knit the large for a piece that can be wrapped and worn in a variety of ways.
Ambah's newest shawl pattern is available on Ravelry. Don't wait to purchase the pattern - it is 20% off this weekend.

I have mine and the instructions are well written (as are all of Ambah's patterns). There are written instructions and lace charts.

The small shawl (shades of green/teal) needs 3 colours and the large shawl (oranges) needs 4 colours. I've been pulling colours off the shelf. I can not start this weekend :) I must work on my Joji MKAL. That's what I'm telling myself tonight. Tomorrow could be different.